Scolaire Québec - Secondary IV Nouveauté

Student Textbook

ISBN13 : 9782765054603
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ISBN13 : 9789765079392
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Auteurs : Alain Parent, Sylvain Fortin, Dominique Lapointe, Rémi Lavoie


A complete study of the periods, social phenomena, historical knowledge and program concepts


  • Many primary source documents
  • Abundant, carefully selected visual documents
  • Many essential, easy-to-read historical maps
  • Varied representations of time
  • Geographical features presented in a geography file at the beginning of the textbook and integrated into the chapters
  • A wide variety of activities for performing intellectual operations
  • A reference section that includes maps, a chronology, steps for performing intellectual operations and tools for mastering the historical method as well as for analyzing and using various documents
  • Interactive workshops, original videos, slide presentations with additional visual documents, interactive maps, a carousel of comparative maps, an interactive tiered timeline, animated organizational charts, info+ entries, interactive summaries
  • And much more!


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