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Vox Method: Training the Voice

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Auteur : W. Steven Lecky

ISBN13 : 9782894702109
Copyright : 2007


Vox Method: Training the Voice is a groundbreaking collection of techniques designed to establish a clear and tangible approach to training the voice. The book and its accompanying DVD provide professional voice users what they need most – an approach to training that offers concrete technique and real tools that lead to genuine results. The method is rooted in learnable, measurable and repeatable skills that can be objectively assessed, corrected and drilled to become the foundation of an automatic vocal technique. With technical mastery as its essence, Vox Method will revolutionize the teaching of voice and become a precious resource for actors, singers, theatre instructors and professional voice users from all walks of life.


Summary: Vocal Physiology – Preliminary Warm-up – Vocal Onset – Building Resonance – Speech Mechanics – The Breath Cycle – The Vocal Athlete – Vocal Hygiene – Appendices.


W. Steven Lecky
Dawson College
W. Steven Lecky is one of Canada's foremost acting and voice trainers. He is head of Dawson College's Professional Theatre Program and has taught at the National Theatre School of Canada, as well as at Concordia and McGill universities. After 30 years auditioning students, Steven knows all the secrets of great auditions!
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