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Quest - 2e cycle (2e année)

Grammar Activity Book - Print version

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Auteurs : Paul Bougie, Claire Maria Ford, Cynthia Beyea

ISBN13 : 9782765204688


This activity Book focuses on grammar. It is designed to help Secondary Cycle Two, Year Two students develop their communication skills by drawing their attention to the form and structure of the target language. Through various exercices, students practise using English accurately. The activity book provides many practice activities that can be used both in the classroom and at home.

The Quest Grammar Activity Book includes :

  • Activities connected to the Grammar capsules in the Student's Book
  • Numerous practice exercices to reinforce the following grammar notions:
    - The Simple Present Continuous, the Simple Past and Past Continuous and Question Words (review)
    - The Future and Future Continuous
    - The Imperative 
    - The Present Perfect and Past Perfect
    - Modals
    - Full Infinitives and Gerunds
    - Phrasal Verbs
    - Conditional Sentences
    - Nouns, Pronouns and Possessives
    - Adjectives and Adverbs
    - Prepositions, Conjunctions and Articles
    - Punctuation and Capitalization, Spelling Rules and Logical Connectors
    - Direct and Indirect Speech and the Passive Voice
  • A section on vocabulary development
  • A reference section including a list of irregular verbs and numbers.
  • Quest, wonderful themes, texts and grammar for solid competency development and learning that lasts!

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