Scolaire Québec

Issues and Territories (Cycle One)

Teaching Guide A - Print version

Auteurs : Nathalie Boudrias, Danielle Marcheterre, Mélanie Langlais

ISBN13 : 9782765213338


Teaching Guide :

• Everything you need for:

- lesson planning
- guiding the learning process
- working on projects
- differentiation

• More than 700 pages of worksheets in each guide:
  - 340 worksheets linked to activities in the Student Textbook
- 90 complementary activity worksheets (fi ll-in cards, etc.)
- 150 worksheets supporting observation and interpretation of iconographical
documents in the Student Textbook
- 35 worksheets covering essential geographical techniques

• Everything you need to evaluate knowledge acquisition and competencies
• Blank maps
• 30 transparencies
• Internet links

Issues and Territories, all that and more!

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