Scolaire Québec

Places in Time - Cycle Two (Year One)

Teacher's Guide

Auteurs : Chantal Coderre, Luce Poulin, Lynne Rodier

ISBN13 : 9782765015482


Places in Time and the Program: Adventures in Geography, History and Citizenship is primarily a collection of well-documented and inspiring material that is stimulating, rich in information, explanations, suggested activities and tools, and is based on a student-centred pedagogy.

Places in Time consists of:  

  • eight student modules, four for each year of Cycle Two;
  • two teacher guides, one for each year of Cycle Two.

Modules for Cycle Two

  1. Iroquoian Society Around 1500: A World to Discover!
  2. Walking in the Footsteps of the Algonquians Around 1500
  3. Challenge and Adventure: New France Around 1645
  4. The Seigneury in New France Around 1745
  5. A Trip to the City in New France Around 1745
  6. The Iroquoians Around 1745: Another Time, Another Place
  7. New France and Its Neighbours Around 1745
  8. Journey to the Land of the Incas Around 1500


Student Textbook

Each of the collection's modules revolves around a central theme that students can examine from different perspectives to help further their understanding of the society studied. Besides adding a sense of unity to the module, the common thematic thread helps students become aware that a problem consists of several aspects. The common theme is therefore a connective thread between the situational problem, project, exploration of chapters or "Adventures" and, ultimately, the ensuing communication and discussion.

Each module begins by presenting the discoveries awaiting the students that pertain to the society or societies studied, the targeted competency and the situational problem.

Each module connects the past to the present, so students can relate the concepts studied to their own lives and thereby make comparisons.

All modules are independant of each other. They can be used separately, which facilitates planning and makes it easier to respect the students' rates of learning.

Teacher Guide

The Places in Time collection consists of two Teacher Guides for Cycle Two, each of which is divided into two parts. The first part is the same for Guides A and B. It presents the pedagogical principles of the collection and its connections with the Québec Education Program. The second part deals with the application and support of each module.

Proposed Learning Process

Each module in the Places in Time collection suggests a theme and involves a complex learning situation pertaining to one or more competencies. Each of these situations is made up of texts, illustrations, maps, activities and a project.

The learning process is divided into three phases: the Preparation Phase, the Performance Phase and the Integration and Application Phase.

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