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Quest - 2e cycle (3e année)

Student's Book - Print version

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Auteurs : Claire Maria Ford, Cynthia Beyea, Gillian Baxter


Intended for Québec ESL students in Secondary Cycle Two, the Quest series takes students on a new and exciting adventure in English.

Quest encourages students to take an active role as learners and to become the centre of the learning process. They develop ESL and Cross-Curricular Competencies by exploring interesting themes related to Broad Areas of Learning.

The series supports teachers by providing complete and flexible classroom material that reflects the concepts of current pedagogical and curricular reform.

Quest offers:

  • Timeless and attractive themes that appeal to both girls and boys
  • Texts of varying lengths and levels of difficulty
  • Explanations of grammar in context, with exercises to practise basic concepts
  • A varied selection of authentic texts in the Reading Folio of the Student’s Book that hold the students’ interest and stimulate their desire to read
  • A Reference Section in the Student’s Book with grammar notes; vocabulary; strategies for oral and written communication; explanations of the response, writing and production processes and examples of text types
  • Three workshops that focus on the writing process and different text types which help students become better writers
  • Culture Capsules that expand students’ vision of English culture around the world
  • A CD and DVD package that helps students improve their listening and oral communication skills
  • Differentiated options for weaker ad above-level learners
  • A variety of evaluation tools to assess different aspects of students’ performance and progress


Literature Plus

Literature Plus features original stories and novel excerpts aimed at young adults who wish to expand their knowledge of English-language writers and their work. Get acquainted with literature and enjoy reading for pleasure in the ESL classroom or at home.

  • About the Author profiles provide an insight into the authors’ lives.
  • Vocabulary definitions help students with the most difficult words.
  • Before, While and After Reading activities check understanding and serve as a guide for class discussion.
  • Beyond the Lines activities connect the work to the reader’s life.


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  • Student's Book and Quest Literature Plus - Digital version compatible with iPad, Mac and PC - 1 Year
  • Student's Book and Quest Literature Plus - Digital version compatible with iPad, Mac and PC - 5 Years
  • Access Plateforme i + for teacher - Student Workbook Digital version - 1 Year
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