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Panoramas - Cycle Two (Year One)

Student Textbook B - Print version

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Auteurs : Sylvain Fortin, Maude Ladouceur, Sylvain Larose, Fabienne Rose

ISBN13 : 9782765209829
Nombre de pages : 326


The Panoramas collection proposes an accessible and dynamic approach for teaching History and Citizenship Education to Secondary Cycle Two students. Rich in content, students are able to develop their subject-specific and cross-curricular competencies in order to better understand the history of Québec and to reflect on issues in Québec today.

The Panoramas collection offers the following features:

  • clear, flexible organization
  • a wide selection of meaningful and varied activities
  • complete coverage of the program's social phenomena, concepts, historical knowledge and cultural references
  • material for all comparison societies in the textbook
  • a simple, up-to-date and citizenship-centred approach
  • a rich and abundant collection of visual documents
  •  numerous primary source documents
  • a review of the Secondary Cycle One content
  • a Toolbox that facilitates the acquisition of the historical method and historical techniques
  •  a historical and geographic Atlas in the textbook
  • a Chronology that presents important dates in the history of Québec
  • easy-to-do optional projects

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