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Destinations - Cycle Two (Year Three)

Teacher's Guide and Answer Key - Print version

Auteurs : Claire Maria Ford, Cynthia Beyea, Derek Wright

ISBN13 : 9782765040811


Designed for ESL students in Secondary Cycle Two, Year Three, Destinations conforms to the ESL program, as well as to the Progression of Learning and the Framework for the Evaluation of Learning. It provides all the material needed to develop the three ESL competencies and features a rich variety of Learning and Evaluation Situations (LES), an extensive Grammar Section and a practical Reference Section. In addition,
Destinations offers workshops to prepare students for the oral and written Ministry examinations.


Paper Version

Student Workbook

  • Five unique, high-interest themes
  • A variety of texts, including extra reading texts for additional information on the topic for each theme
  • Varied reading, listening and video-watching tasks that focus on the response process
  • Extended oral interaction tasks and a complex reinvestment task
  • Writing tasks that take students through the writing process
  • Numerous opportunities to practise argumentation and to prepare for the Ministry examinations
  • Contextualized grammar activities and a comprehensive
  • Grammar Section for more practice

Answer Key

  • Student Workbook with answers and pedagogical notes
  • Ideas for differentiation and suggestions for evaluation
  • CD with listening activities and audio versions of texts
  • DVD with video content

Teacher’s Guide

  • Student Workbook with complete Answer Key
  • Handouts
  • CD with listening activities and audio versions of texts
  • DVD with video content
  • Two Evaluation Situations
  • Evaluation grids


Digital Version

For students

  • The digital Student Workbook comes with a Chenelière Education app for iPad.


For teachers

  • The The Answer Key comes with a Chenelière Education app for iPad.
  • The complete Teachers’ Guide is offered on the USB key, which is compatible with PCs, Macs, all IWBs and all projectors. It includes:
    - The Student Workbook and Answer Key
    - Modifiable handouts
    - Hotspots for CD and DVD content and websites
    - Answers that can be displayed one by one
    - Full-page projection of texts and grammar boxes
    - Hyperlinks to material within the Student Workbook

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