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Real English Authentic Learning 1, 2nd edition - Skills Book

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ISBN13 : 9782765045175
Copyright : 2014
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Auteurs : Angelika Brunel, Becky McKnight

Nombre de pages : 160



This much-anticipated second edition of REAL Skills Book 1 offers a fresh take on the four-skills integrated approach that made it so successful. The updated high-interest themes help high-beginner to low-intermediate students of English as a second language stay engaged while broadening the scope of their everyday lives. New and improved elements join the most appreciated features from the first edition.


  • A visually-appealing magazine design keeps the material current and engaging.
  • Varied, level-appropriate reading, video, and audio selections give students hands-on practice in real situations and contexts. 
  • Reading for Strategy, Reading for Interaction, Reading for Challenge provide new targeted reading practice.
  • Expanded comprehensive Writing Files from paragraph to essay include revising and editing exercises.
  • In Words and vocabulary-building sections focus on vocabulary acquisition.
  • Useful Grammar Link and How To boxes give students clear, helpful information on the correct language to use and the appropriate strategies to apply.
  • Language-appropriate pronunciation exercises are in the book and online for continuous practice.
  • New integrated web links lead to additional material offered on [i+ Interactive logo].
  • The Annotated Teacher's Edition includes an answer key for all activities as well as pedagogical notes to help teachers expand on and enhance the material.



Explore the themes further with interactive workshops that include more than 700 questions plus additional reading, audio, and video material.


Students get automatic feedback and scoring while teachers are able to annotate the eBook, electronically follow students' progress, and create their own online interactive activities.


This powerful digital tool sets a new standard for ESL teaching and learning.


Angelika Brunel
Angelika Brunel has taught English as a Second Language for over 15 years at Collège Ahuntsic in Montréal, Québec. She holds a B. Ed. with a specialization in TESL from Concordia University, where she also studied Applied Linguistics at the Master’s level. Angelika has authored and co-authored numerous works in English.
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Becky McKnight
Becky McKnight obtained a B.A. in English Literature and TESL Certificate from Carleton University. She also holds an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Concordia University. She has taught at Concordia University, Bishop’s University, and O’Sullivan College, and currently teaches at Cégep Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu.
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Table des matières


Unit 1 - Travel

Unit 2 - Fitness

Unit 3 - Lifestyle

Unit 4 - Technology

Unit 5 - Communication

Unit 6 - Inspiration

Unit 7 - Urban planning



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