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Real English Authentic Learning 2, 2nd edition - Grammar Book

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ISBN13 : 9782765045120
Copyright : 2014
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Auteur : Kay Powell

Nombre de pages : 144



This much-anticipated second edition of REAL Grammar Book 2 offers a fresh take on the four-step progressive approach and the features that made it so successful. Designed to sensitize intermediate students of English as a second language to grammatical structures, the new and improved elements keep the material comprehensive, current, and engaging. 


  • User-friendly and concise grammar charts in Function and Form contain clear explanations illustrated with detailed examples. Notes highlight common errors and provide usage tips to help prepare students for the targeted comprehension exercises that follow. 
  • A large variety of contextualized and mixed concept exercises in the Practice section check and reinforce students’ understanding of important grammar points. 
  • Communicate develops students’ speaking and writing skills, and encourages peer editing. 
  • The popular Review is expanded with mixed practice and error-correction exercises. 
  • Edit It! enables students to hone their editing skills as they find and correct common errors. 
  • Editing Files have students focus on their writing and vocabulary choice, with charts and Edit It! exercises on sentences and words. 
  • A Final Verb Review of mixed tenses can easily be used for evaluation. 
  • Appendices include a verb tense overview, past perfect charts, and lists of phrasal verbs and irregular verbs. 

i+ Interactive



Eighty interactive workshops and over 700 questions with automatic feedback offer additional grammar exercises, including pronunciation and dictation practice, unit tests, and Editing Files and Final Verb Review exercises. 


Students get automatic feedback and scoring while teachers are able to annotate the eBook, electronically follow students’ progress, and create their own online interactive activities. 


This powerful digital tool sets a new standard for ESL teaching and learning.


Kay Powell
Kay Powell holds a degree in Modern Languages (French, German, and Italian) from London University, UK, and a Masters in Applied Linguistics from Concordia University. She has taught ESL in Europe, Africa and North America. She also worked for the Ministère du Revenu du Québec. She taught at Collège Ahuntsic for 17 years. Kay works on course development for Cégep à distance and for the Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique, and writes novels.
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Table des matières

Unit 1 - Simple Present and Present Progressive

Unit 2 - Nouns and Determiners

Unit 3 - Pronouns

Unit 4 - Simple Past and Past Progressive

Unit 5 - Future

Unit 6 - Adjectives and Adverbs

Unit 7 - Present Perfect

Unit 8 - Modals

Unit 9 - Conditionals

Unit 10 - Editing Files

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