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Quest - 2e cycle (1re année)

Grammar Activity Book - Print version

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Auteurs : Paul Bougie, Teresa Capparelli, Claire Maria Ford, Evridiki Vicky Giannas

ISBN13 : 9782765201144



Designed for Quebec ESL students in Secondary Cycle Two, the Quest series takes students on a new journey in English.

Quest places students at the centre of their learning. It develops the ESL and Cross-Curricular Competencies and exploits the Broad Areas of Learning through captivating themes.

The series gives teachers pedagogical flexibility and the support to make the reform a reality.

Quest is a series that offers:

  • Timeless themes that will appeal to both girls and boys
  • Texts of varying levels of difficulty
  • A Reading Folio in the Student's Book that offers a vast selection of authentic texts
  • Contextualized grammar explanations with exercises to practise grammar basics
  • A Reference Section in the Student's Book that helps students develop functional language, improve grammar skills and enrich their vocabulary, and provides useful contextualized strategies for oral communication, reading and writing
  • Detailed explanations of the response, writing and production processes
  • Fun projects that allow students to reinvest what they learn and to develop autonomy
  • Culture Capsules that expose students to English culture around the world
  • A CD, DVD and VHS package that helps students improve their listening and oral communication skills
  • Possibilities for differentiation
  • All the tools needed for evaluation


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